As Architecture

AS architects is an Ankara based, independent architectural studio founded in 2015 by Ayşin Sevgi KARAKURT, as the continuation of ASK’s architectural practices which started in TURUNCU (established in 2005) as partner and co-founder. She also had 3 years of experience during that period in METU Architecture Faculty 4rd year studio as part time instructor.

The studio continues its practice at the offices in Ankara and İstanbul with projects that range from high rise buildings with complex requirements to small villas covering just hundred square meters.

ASK has taken place in many prestigious and important national projects. Her approach to each project is finding out innovative, feasible and also most efficient solution to problem within its individual context. Cooperation with engineering and consultancy firms has extensively been performed, sufiicient detailing and consultancy throughout the project schedule has been extensively held.

The most distinctive characteristic for the team is their continuous performance of the design and detailing from the first day of the problem to the end of the project and construction.